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08:57pm 26/01/2004
  anyone still play?  
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01:20pm 16/09/2003
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Anybody play on Carnage?

S.B rox, theyre suppose to be comming out w/ a New Expansion in the end of 'o3. Keep and Eye out for it :D
04:42am 07/08/2003
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I've been playing Deception since it came out. I stopped for a month somewhere in between, but started again and am having a blast. =)

I have a level 61 prelate and a level 55 fury. I love my prelate to death. Fun to play. =)

New patch being tested and channelers may finally get the nerfing they need. =)

How is everyone else doing?
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11:08pm 12/07/2003
  new to this community rather new to shadowbane itself, pk'ed on ulitma onlike on great lakes for a few years that was fun. finally got my sb on war able to do some pk'ing last night, oh man what fun that was, me and my friend who i pk'ed with on great lakes went and mooched off some r2 camp being all of a big badass level 16 i think at the time, gained a few levels till enough of them left killed the stragglers 2vs3, so we headed back to kings cross to drop loot and find another guy who wants us to join, and hes like some 46 mage temp, so on the way some grizzly attacks him so we nuke him and he dies, go back to town and he of course is talking mad shit, so plenty of trash is talked on both sides, so he wants me to duel, of course being level 18 and him 46 i accept, well we go out of town and of course he kills me in one or two shots of something but sadly i got him into the red, not bad for my first day of sb pvp and pk'in so then of course this ended up with him talking more trash so on and so on so my friend suggests he duel his r4 char, does he accept? of course not, anyway hope everyone is enjoying shadowbane as much as me, happy huntings pkings whatever, peace.  
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02:03am 23/06/2003
  hell ya found a shadowbane community in lj, anyone on mourning server yesturday watch those bitch ass Lex thalualalsfaxkdsaliens fall? ow it felt so good.

ilove - Bos
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I need a good honest and unbiased opinion!!! 
02:01pm 12/06/2003
  Crossposted all over the place (sorry ^^*)

Ok, here's the deal. I have been wanting to get shadowbane for a very very long time now. So this post is asking for info about shadowbane, good AND bad. I wanna know all about it before i shell out the cash. I wont be able to get it right away anyways so i figured i'd research and find out if its as good as i'm hoping.

Shadowbane is completely pvp correct? Are there alot of assholes who just run around pking poor newbs? Or are there nice people too ^^ Why isnt there a non pvp server? Pvp breeds idiots... ::Sighs:: I dont mind at all when im high enough level to actually stand a chance but coming into the game late as i am and all... well i'm pretty worried! So be honest, what are the players really like? (please dont be sarcastic, I really dont want to shell out money for a game where a bunch of 14 year old punks using daddy's credit card are going to ruin my gaming experience!)

Next I looked at their site, they are having problems where people can't login? whats up with that? And they're having lag issues? How severe? Enough to where you cant really play cuz it lags and next thing you know your hp are zero? That has me worried too!

Ok next, my computer is fairly old and decrepit. I am getting a new one soon but probably not soon enough lol. My computer had NO trouble running everquest or simsonline which i beta tested. Is the game much more taxing than those two? My comp handled both of them fine without any problems, including using the new Luclin skins on EQ. I'm pretty sure my comp can run it... I'm just a teensy bit worried.

Ok I know it says somewhere on the site how much it is per month but i couldnt find it, so is it 9.95? 12.95? etc And most importantly can you pay with pay pal and/or MO?

Next Do people actually ROLE PLAY? Because that is really important to me, I love staying in character it adds so much to the game. Sure sometimes when i'm playing with my boyfriend or local friends we'll just have a hack slash fest while we chat and stuff but seriously, 9 times out of 10 i prefer to stay in character. Is it hard to find others to roleplay with, what are the players like, i guess this kinda refers back to my first question. I dont wanna see "I own j00" "1337 5p34k" etc, etc. I want MATURE players and a damned good roleplaying enviroment. That right there would sell me on a game. It's SO hard to find people who actually know HOW to roleplay. Seriously aggrivating... argh

Next are there alot of character customizations, I like looking unique, seeing my weapons/armor, hair styles, etc, etc And somewhat along the same lines is there a 3rd person and/or overhead view or is it just 1st person?

What are the death penalities? Do you lose exp? items? both? hopefully there isnt perma death with pking that'd royally suck. I know its on their site, but i dont wanna dig around right now. So just explain briefly how death works please?

How long does it take to level up? I liked EQ's pacing how slow it was and how it took forever, It made me want to play and gave me a sense of accomplishment when i finally achieved my goals.

I know there are non combat skills and professions and that is my biggest draw to shadowbane. Im very excited that it wont be all hack and slash but how hard is it to level if you decide to make a noncombat type character, do you gain xp for making armor/weapons, etc, etc? Or do you still need to go out there and kick butt? lol

Thanks SO much for your time, sorry for the length but I am VERY interested in this game and trying to collect as much info as possible. Hopefully If the answers are to my liking I'll be seeing some of you around in SB ;)
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11:34am 23/05/2003
  Just to let everyone know, there's a new set of forums for Shadowbane up at SB-forums.com. Check them out!  
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11:42pm 19/05/2003
  props to darkerplanes over at www.sbsanctum.com for the article.


On Sunday, May 19th, 2003, Ewle Ebonlore, leader of the guild Ebonlore, a guild with a membership of nearly one thousand members, a guild that for the first two months of Fear Server's existance, has dominated the entire server, a guild that was responsible for the destruction of more than 3 major Guilds, HoR, HR, and Tempered Fury, Ewle Ebonlore, after having trasfered the entirety of the Guild Assets to her own personal bank account, clicked the "Disband Guild" on her Leadership Menu, bringing the saga of Ebonlore to a sudden and crashing halt.

The last incident is a culmenation of the events of this past week, where allied forces of Clan Havion, Tempered Fury, and a new guild called "Splinter Cell", comprised of a large portion of former Ebonlore members, disgruntled at Ewle's guild policies, launched a series of aggressive raids upon the Trainer city, and the Capital city of Ebonlore.

For the past few weeks, the server has seen almost unprecedented warfare on the home territory of Ebonlore. A bane on Ebonlore's Capital city was neutralized by Ebonlore due to Ewle's manipulation of the accecptance policy where the bane would go "active" right when the servers went down for maintenence.

Ebonlore's Trainer city, before the time of the total collapse of the guild, fared much worse than the Capital city. Reports from the from indicicate that over 40 Percent of the City and walls, were destroyed over the past week of fighting, with the remaining 60 Percent, under direct protection of the Tree of Life. It was expected that Ebonlore would lose the war within a few weeks.

The other IC of Ebonlore, including one Sirus Ebonlore, the well-respected and renowned War Leader of Ebonlore, are reported to have no fore-knowledge of Ewle's betrayal and are reportedly still actively playing the game. In short, the decision to Dissolve Ebonlore was the decision of One Person Alone: Ewle Ebonlore.

With the power vaccum left by Ebonlore, dozens of small cities have popped up almost overnight, comprised of former EL members. It is expected that the server will now experience a state of confusion and Petty Warfare, due to the lack of the other Superpower Ebonlore. Clan Havion, the remaining Superpower on the server has declined to attempt to "dominate" the server, and instead, intends to foster a spirit of health competition on the server through use of building projects and tornements. However, with the defeat of Ebonlore, Clan Havion certainly finds itself in the unique posistion as Top Dog Guild on Fear Server.
11:40pm 19/05/2003
  anybody play fear?

ebonlore fell!
Hot weekend on Scorn 
04:53pm 08/05/2003
  No less than 8 bane circles were placed today set to go active over the weekend on Scorn. Now that I'm finally in the rank 3's I get to play the fun part, in a heavy battle weekend. Expect server crashes on occasion as every guild on the server pulls everyone they have online.  
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03:55pm 24/04/2003
  My character has reached r5 and I have another character moving up.

I'm not sure though. This game is so much politics and so little fun. =/

I don't think I'll stay past the second month.
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01:06pm 13/04/2003
  hey cmdrbean! when did you join?  
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03:01am 03/04/2003
  Hi. I have a level 21 fury on Deception and a Level 2 priest on Deception. :)  
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10:16am 29/03/2003
  Greetings! Welcome to the shadowbane community, where you'll lfind everything you ever needed to know! just ask!

also feel free to post templates, those are fun.
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